Saint Andrews Church

Lisa Liewis' speech at Saint Andrews Church

Lisa Lewis’ Speech at Saint Andrews Community Church Mayor and East Ward Councillor Candidate on Sunday 8 September.

“Good Afternoon, my name is Lisa Lewis.  I would like to warmly thank you for opening up your church to the public and all candidates.  This invitation shows you care and you value what we have to say.

Raised Christian, I attended Pastor Peter and Bev Mortlock’s church from Bays Christian Fellowship where morals were planted inside me from a very young age.

These morals are what I believe are some good morals that would enrich a strong team of Council..

  • always tell the truth
  • have courage
  • keep your promises
  • don’t cheat or steal
  • treat others as you would like to be treated
  • do not judge
  • be forgiving
  • take responsibility for your actions
  • be loyal
  • be patient
  • be tolerant of differences
  • have respect for yourself and others
  • have humility
  • be generous
  • have patience

Seeing we are in a church, it is only right that I read a verse from Gods book.

I read to you out of New Century Version Mark 4 vs. 35-40 “That evening, Jesus said to his followers, let’s go across the lake.  Leaving the crowd behind, they took him in the boat just as he was.  There were also other boats with them.  A very strong wind came up on the lake.  The waves came over the sides and into the boat so that it was already full of water.  Jesus was at the back of the boat, sleeping with his head on a cushion.  His followers woke him and said, “Teacher, don’t you care that we are drowning?!”  Jesus stood up and commanded the wind and said “Quiet, be still.”  Then the wind stopped, and it became completely calm.  Jesus said to his followers, “why are you afraid?  Do you still have no faith?”

I want to talk about faith.  Trust is a risk.  When we only trust, – we leave ourself open for loss, and when trust breaks down in society, people become afraid.  Faith kicks in when we get to the end of evidence.  Skydiving with faith that the parachute will open.  When there is faith that can grow into loyalty.

I want you to vote with faith this elections.  This will be a team for the next 3 years.

Each and everyone will need to be able to work together as a team.

I encourage you to take the opportunity to vote with faith.  Vote with courage.  Vote without judgement.  Vote with forgiveness, for someone that will serve you in this same way.

Thank you for listening to me as a a Council and Mayoral Candidate.”

Chinese Community Zealong Tea

Chinese Community Zealong Tea

Lisa Lewis speech at the Chinese Community this morning..  ”Thank you for the invitation today at Zealong Tea, and also thank you for taking time out of your weekend, to come and hear all of us speak.  Thank you.  你好 my name is Lisa Lewis.  I am standing for Mayor of Hamilton and also East Ward Councillor.

I believe honesty and communication is the best policy.

I would also like to say there is 8 Mayoral candidates standing over here, and I heard that the no 8 is a very lucky number (crowd clapped).  I hear that it means wealthy, so that’s a good sign for the next 3 years of whoever is voted in.

My family have raised me to be courteous and well-mannered.

As Mayor I will reflect these qualities to Chinese in Hamilton and to others.

I want to establish a healthy trustworthy business relationship with the Chinese community.

We would like to encourage and increase Chinese Tourists to visit Hamilton.  We would like your help to do so.

We want the Chinese people to also feel safe and welcome in Hamilton.

We may face some challenges in Hamilton, we can work together to rebuild this city.

We need to ensure our roads are resurfaced and maintained so our families are safer on our roads.

As Mayor I will respect and listen to our Chinese residents views, concerns and ideas.

Together we can brainstorm new ideas and create outcome to increase our cities value.

Please Vote Lisa Lewis for Mayor of Hamilton, where I will be a strong advocate for the Chinese.  Thank you.”

Lisa Lewis at Stuff Soap Box

Lisa Lewis at Stuff Soap Box

Hi my name is Lisa Lewis.

Hamilton has the third largest airport runway in New Zealand.  At 2,195 metres, means we can accommodate and re-open the International Airport with cheaper flights in and out of Hamilton national and international.

According to Waikato Business, our district population has already grown 2.3% in the 2018 / 2019 Financial Year.  As a city, we need to accomodate to that growth.

With Air New Zealand currently looking for a commercially viable Airport, – Hamilton would help ease congestion on our roads and reduce pressure in terms of infrastructure development.

Hamilton has become a drive-through City.

We need a reason people will come to Hamilton, again.

I am sick of people saying Hamilton is the city of the future, – when I feel like we are last on the race track!

We are the 4th biggest city in New Zealand, and it’s about time we start acting like it!

We need tourists to not see Hamilton as boring.

Hamilton Gardens is not enough to draw in the crowds!

If Matamata can use Hobbiton to increase visitors from 300,000 to a million – Hamilton has a chance!

We are going to make Hamilton fun again as a worldwide Tourist Attraction.

Hamilton could become the Radical Sports Entertainment destination in the entire South Pacific!

Indoor Skate / Scooter Park, BMX Tracks, X-Treme Sports including UFC, a Kelly Slater Wave Pool facility attraction for Surfers Worldwide, and not being Raglan’s “Boogie-Board” City!

I’m talking MORE job opportunities, visitors worldwide to boost out tourism and economy, more musical artists and bands at Claudelands and Waikato Stadium!  Talking liaison direct with Promoters to bring more events music here to Hamilton!

Tuk-Tuks run by Council for hire environment-friendly and to keep our people in the CBD wining and dining encouraging atmosphere again.

A Mārae built on the edge of Waikato River; meeting ground for Tourists close to CBD including a Cultural Experience with Waka Tours, Performance and Hungi embracing our Māori people, protecting our river and traditions respecting our ancestry and descendants.

I-SITES accomodating ticket sales to Tourism expanding from the CBD I-SITE information centre to The Base at Te Awa accomodating to Tourists coming through from Auckland.

I will be a Mayor that creates opportunity for our city, bringing back enjoyment to Hamilton again, and NOT a drive-through!

Let’s make Hamilton a place to shop and stay, that weekend away.., creating family / friend memories, experiences and moments.

Vote Lisa Lewis, The City Of Today!

The 'Get It Done' App

Lisa Lewis and the GET IT DONE App for Hamilton City

The ‘Get It Done’ App

You’ve waited for it – here it is!  A concept to tackle every pothole!

The GET IT DONE ✅ app will ensure accountability in council where all reports to the non-emergency app go straight to Hamilton City Council while we can track the process to ensure all jobs actually get done!

The app will be free, and advertisements on the app would be one way to cover some of the costs of the work around the city!

Check out my video:

Speech at the Prostitution Bylaw Review Public Hearing

I’m the only current sex worker that spoke today on behalf of the 3,500 sex workers here in New Zealand.  I think Spin Off can delete an old article that reads “I’m a sex worker and Lisa Lewis doesn’t speak for me.”  I’ve made mistakes in the past but I’m making up for those mistakes now.  Hamilton City Council only gave me 5 minutes to speak! I needed at least 10 minutes!! 

Here is my speech:

Hello my name is Lisa Lewis and I made this submission before deciding to stand for Mayor and Council in the upcoming elections.  I am here to protest the current Hamilton City Council Prostitution Bylaw.

On the Hamilton City Council website includes a PDF accessible to the public.  The document is called “Diversity Toolkit” published in 2017.  Page 3 under definitions reads the following.. “discrimination occurs when a person is treated unfairly or less favourably than another person in the same or similar circumstances (Human Rights Commission).  This same document includes words from our current Mayor Andrew King in 2017.  I quote his words from the Diversity Toolkit.  “The driver here is inclusiveness.  We want Hamiltonians to feel included and part of our community, regardless of where they’ve come from, the faith they follow, or the experiences they have had during their life.”  I thank our current Mayor for recognising inclusiveness is all part of diversity.

In 1938 survey found that 26 out of 27 hotels and hostels refused to host Maori.  Local politicians at the time suggested building a Maori-Only hostel.  This was segregation and discrimination.

Fast forward to 2019, Hamilton City Council is currently voting a Bylaw called the Prostitution Bylaw where many sex workers are now being segregated and discriminated.

Some may ask what relevance does the Diversity Toolkit have to do with prostitutes?  Many sex workers are Maori.  So any Bylaw that unfairly impacts sex workers,

– also unfairly impacts Maori.

I ask respectively from our Mayor Andrew King to please remember and consider your own words from 2017, as recorded by the Hamilton City Council Diversity Toolkit that the driver of our city and decisions is you.  You are driving this bus and your words inclusive mean the following…

Inclusiveness is the practice or policy of including people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalised, such as those who have disabilities and members of minority groups or age, profession, ethnicity or religion.

To the current 12 Councillors and our cities Mayor, I thank you for including me and my submission today.  I thank you all for listening to what I have to say.  I am here speaking at the Councils Regulatory and Hearings Committee to present my case on behalf of 3 and a half thousand sex workers here in New Zealand today who are vulnerable today as o speak of someone that can use this Hamilton City Council Prostitution Bylaw against them when trying to work without the reliance off our government Dole or DPB or benefit and simply provide for our families.

The map on the Hamilton City Council Prostitution Bylaw restricts all sex workers to work and provide business to the Hamilton East side currently.  We can only work on the City side of the bridge and river only in the West Region.

This rule in the Hamilton City Council Prostitution Bylaw does NOT reflect fairness like any other business here in Hamilton.  The rule does not reflect equality and diversity and breaches discrimination according to the Hamilton City Council Diversity Toolkit.

No other professional, industry or business is restrictive in the same way like Hamilton City Council is restricting Prostitutes.

By restraining where sex workers work, Hamilton City Council is putting us at risk of exploits and public health risk and harm.

It is more expensive than to rent in the city, and most home owners also discriminate against us workers which then resorts sex workers paying for hotels.  Then sex workers like myself have to go to another city to work which has us away from our own family and home.  This is segregation and discrimination and this is not fair.

Don’t you agree with the current tourism and current housing shortages which Housing NZ and Work & Income place homeless families in hotels, the smart thing would be to drop this restrictive map on the Bylaw so more families can be accommodated in Hamilton Hotels and sex workers have more options in terms of their place of work?

The fine for being in breach of the Hamilton City Council Prostitution Bylaw is $20,000.

I understand that a Bylaw is put in place to protect public from nuisance.  Sex work in 2019 is conducted and done behind closed doors.  This is because CCTV cameras are everywhere and in a day and age of where social media and smart phones are everywhere, to protect the privacy of a client and a sex worker – sex work is conducted behind closed doors.

All sex workers are aware that it is illegal for ANY person – not just a sex worker to have sex in a public place not just a sex worker under

  • The Crimes Act 1961
  • Offences Act 1981

We should not be using Rate Payers money to govern a Police Job.  Breach of private sex would become a police matter – not a council matter.

For parents worried about a sex worker next door.  As a parent myself I would be more worried about the following living next door

  •  pedophile someone who’s sexually attracted to children. A pedophiles also rape or molest children.
  • A criminal barrister representing murderers rapists and pedophiles or similar clients coming and going.

Bylaws should minimise the potential for offensive behaviour in public places.  In that case, Hamilton City Council should be dishing out $20,000 fines to how a girl dresses which is less clothing than that of a sex worker and their type of behaviour at the local bar like the outback as shown in these photos on the screen.

A possible sex worker faces a $20,000.00 fine when breaching the current Hamilton City Council Prostitution Bylaw.  Whereas someone that breaches a Fencing Bylaw under the Planning Act faces a $300.00 fine where in my view a high fence blocking sunlight is more of a nuisance than a sex worker.

This Bylaw as it stands is a waste of Rate Payers time and money.  There is soo many more pressing issues that council could be focused on.  This Bylaw is illegal under NZ Laws under Freedom of Expression.  I hope Hamilton City Council can see the importance of utilising more modern methods such as amending or removing this Bylaw to regulate the sex industry.

People closest to a problem know how to solve the problem.

I am the ONLY sex worker talking up and protesting this Bylaw today on behalf of all sex workers working currently in New Zealand that visit hamilton for work and do not want this Bylaw or to be discriminated against or to be segregated.

We want to be the inclusive city that Andrew King envisages when he made his speech as Mayor in 2017.

Bob McCoskrie from Family First and Bert & Robyn Jackson concerned residents in Hamilton:  you claim sex workers need protection.  This Bylaw does NOT protect sex workers.  I think you’ve been watching too many movies!  You mention sleeze… is my outfit sleezy?

Paula Salisbury from Mothers For Safe Suberbs attended with her baby:  you are exposing your own baby to this matter by bringing your baby.  You state you feel safe in your home with sex workers away from your home.  Sex workers need to be given that same right to feel safe.  You claim us sex workers do drugs and we have sex with children in our homes.  And how was your baby born?  In the bedroom.  We don’t expose children to our job like you have with your baby today.

Everyone that spoke against prostitutes in Hamilton City Council stated today they don’t want sex workers in Hamilton in:

  • industrial areas
  • residential
  • streets
  • brothels

Where are you proposing we work and do our legal job?

Regulatory and Hearings Committee Meeting - 29 August 2019

Watcht the full Regulatory and Hearings Committee Meeting – 29 August 2019 below.

Regulatory and Hearings Committee Meeting - 29 August 2019

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