Long-Term Housing should not be in a Motel

There is a housing crisis going on in Hamilton right now! Too many families and whānau are permanently living in hotels and motels.

This is an embarrassment to our city, because when events are on – there is NO accommodation for our visitors. Hamilton, – we can do better.

Fieldays 2021, visitors and exhibitors were forced to sleep in their vehicles, bunk in spare rooms and stay in other outer town cities. Hamilton is in a DIRE shortage of accomodation, and our current Council are aware, have had time to put a plan-in-place and have FAILED our city. Our Mayor states our city needs a new hotel. That is not addressing the problem. Another new hotel will just become another MIQ Covid-19 facility. Yes, – we may need more hotels and motels in Hamilton. But what is more important is LONG-term living options for those permanently living in our city’s hotels and motels.

There are multiple empty buildings up for Lease currently in the CBD. I propose CBD be re-zoned to allow more housing for people, with urgent builds on Apartments to quickly accomodate a place of residence for those currently living in motels and hotels. In doing so, will SAVE the future of our Tourism and short-term accommodation options here in our City.

Long term housing should not and should never be in a hotel / motel. I imagine that is incredibly damaging to a person’s mental health, by not having a permanent address that they can relax and call HOME.

I want to confront the Hamilton Housing issues immediately and make changes to the current lack of housing in our city.

Supporting Businesses

Businesses of all sizes have been hit hard in this challenging new age of COVID-19.

Including social distancing and self-isolation, the blow has been catastrophic for small operations that rely on in-person transactions.

As a Hamilton City Councillor, I will support businesses.

Social media plugs are a free way to show our support to businesses and the payoff is almost instantaneous.

Please join me in supporting our local businesses who show initiative, work hard and resilience to keep afloat.  In doing so, – we will be supporting our local economy.

Reduce traffic delays on our roads

We are constantly growing as a city, – which means Hamilton traffic is starting to follow the rat-race of Auckland.

It makes no sense to me that Council conducts Road Works during the day.  Council may claim it is to save money… But then in contradiction the Council wasted millions of dollars on guinea-pig trials.  To minimise traffic delays and disruptions in our city which are caused by roadworks and road maintenance, I want to try to see ALL repairs at off-peak times (night time).

Re-open CBD Roads

Closing Rostrevor Street and Ward Street is NO different to Council killing the CBD removing Garden Place’ parking spaces and road.  Many businesses collapsed and many businesses’ will collapse if this absurdity continues.

Closing Rostrevor Street was part of the $902,000 Hamilton City Council and Waka Kotahi NZTA ‘Innovating Streets trial’ – where 90% was funded through Waka Kotahi NZTA.  Prior to this.., – Speed Bumps (that cost money), were put on Rostrevor Street confirming that over a million dollars of money was wasted on  experiments that is absolutely foolish decision making from Council.

History is clear in black in white that when Roads that are closed off from vehicles and parking, – the area becomes a space for the homeless causing others to ‘steer clear’.  I propose to re-open Rostrevor Street, Ward Street and Garden Place.  In doing so, it will reinvigorate the CBD economy by removing obstacles and impediments to get there.

Re-open the Roads, reinstall parking and make the space safer.

CBD Extended Free Parking

Extending Free Parking for 3 hours in the CBD will encourage more to come into the city and relax in the city without such time restrictions put over their head.

A movie, for example at the cinemas, is between 1 hour 45 minutes and 3 hours.  CBD’s current time limit is 2 hours and does not even leave enough room for the trailers or a pre-dinner and/or after-drinks.  I propose weekend ‘FREE PARKING’ in the CBD with NO time-limit.  I propose encouraging Hamilton residents and visitors to come into Hamilton CBD in the evenings with FREE parking 6pm till 6am.

Infrastructure Repaired

Council is responsible for repairs to roads and footpaths including fixing potholes.

If someone can draw a “penis” on a pothole – to me that confirms the Council has delayed repairs.  Delayed repairs on our roads and footpaths is unacceptable.  Rates are paid to maintain our roads and footpaths and must be conducted in a timely manner.  I will push for repairs and maintenance to be prioritised as important in Council’s agenda.

Cemeteries Maintained

Re-open Founders Theatre

Founders Theatre has been closed since 2016.

For six years the Council has wasted time and money having discussions and arguments on what to do with this space.  It makes NO sense to me Council chose to have turned Founders Theatre into a Covid Testing Facility.

Our Founders Theatre was opened on 17 November 1962, and has seen some of New Zealand and the Western world’s best comedians, pop, folk, country and jazz performers grace its wide, modern stage.  I feel leaving it abandoned is such a disrespect to the building, rude to those that built it, disregard to rates that paid for it, and not to mention a dishonour to past performers that graced its stage it to those that enjoyed the Theatre over the years.  Move the Covid Testing Facility to an empty warehouse away from the CBD (close to the airport would be best) – as this would scare some people to go near the CBD with such a stigma and fear surrounding Covid-19. It is now time to build a Youth Indoor Centre and re-engage the youth of Hamilton by providing a Youth and Cultural Centre.

Founders Theatre is a close walking distance from Hamilton Girls High.  A safe indoor facility is needed in the CBD for our Youth of Hamilton.

Re-open the Hamilton CBD Train Station (under Centreplace Shopping Centre)

With our city constantly on the rise, it is now time to think further than vehicles on the Road.

Not everyone is in a position to bike from point A to point B with the bike paths (mums have kids, some are not healthy to do so, and Hamilton’s weather is four seasons in one day).  Let’s be real:  Being the fourth largest city in New Zealand (and growing at that..), we need to improve our cities Transport options.  I propose it is now time to re-open the Hamilton CBD Train Station (under Centreplace Shopping Centre).  Have a rail system put into place from CBD (under centreplace) to Chartwell, to Cambride, to Peacockes, Wairere Drive, to The Base.  Hamilton City Council needs to work with Waipa Council, Waikato Council, and Waka Kotahi NZTA involvement to minimise our growing cities traffic problems.   By doing this we could extend The Te Huia passenger rail service to include Hamilton’s CBD, by re-opening the Hamilton CBD Train Station (under Centreplace Shopping Centre) with a cheaper and faster service to Auckland.

There is then the option to include (Centreplace to Britomart Auckland’s CBD, Centreplace to Wellington).  The possibility of a train service from CBD to Cambridge (and other cities) to reduce peak-hour traffic, road congestion and reduce Hamilton’s CO₂e emissions.  The future of rail is a cross-agency project to identify the purpose rail serves, and how it can contribute to New Zealand’s transport system and traffic problems.

The Countdown Is On…

Until The Hamilton City Council East Ward By-Election 2021

Want to see change?

This campaign is going to take a tremendous amount of resources in order for us to win. Can you help?