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What you don’t know about Lisa Lewis…

Childhood & Upbringing

Born Lisa Howden, Lisa was brought up between split parents homes with her dad and step-mum and four other sisters in one home, and mum, sometimes stepdads and sister and brothers in the other.

Her mother was a solo mum at times working various jobs in Hamilton to provide for her three daughters (one being special needs), working hard as a truck driver, real estate agent, security guard, in sales and a volunteer firefighter over the years.  Lisa’s father was a prestigious hard-working boat builder.

Lisa’s upbringing was split between her mum’s home in Hamilton and dad’s home in Auckland’s North Shore.

At age 5, Lisa attended Rhode Street Primary (Hamilton’s Whanau School), which is located in the South Western Hamilton suburb of Dinsdale (a school established in 1959).  Lisa a quiet child that would first observe others before interaction.  With many culturally diverse friends from Fijian Indian, to NZ Maori and different religions her friends followed from Mormon to Muslim to Jehovah’s Witness, – having Lisa learn to respect each person’s right and choice of religions from a very young age.

Lisa’s father a born-again Christian who had her attend church regularly with an upbringing based on the Christian morals and principles. By age 15, Lisa had read the bible twelve times claiming she was going to be a Preachers Wife when she grew up speaking to the masses!

Form 1 and Form 2, Lisa attended Northcross Intermediate, and Form 3 (Year 9), Rangitoto College North Shore, Auckland.  4th Form (Year 10), Lisa attended Hamilton Girls’ High School with her older sister for part of the year, then Fraser High School when her sister left.  For Fifth Form (Year 11), Lisa shifted back to Long Bay College in North Shore Auckland to focus on the remaining of her studies and achieved High School Certificate.

First Employment:  Lisa took on part-time jobs as a hairdressing assistant (shampooing clientele and sweeping the floor), and worked at a fish and chip shop. Lisa was also the receptionist at her local church during the weekdays.

Early Adulthood, Travel & Marriage

At aged 19, Lisa left behind her parents, five sisters and three brothers back in New Zealand and was living in Tokyo, Japan with a girlfriend.  Self-employed, independent and single for her OE, is when she met Kyle Lewis from Dallas, Texas, USA who was in Tokyo purchasing Liebherr cranes to take back to America.

2000, Lisa had left her glamour life in Japan where she hung out with touring bands such as the likes of Bon Jovi whilst on tour with “One Wild Night Tour” and moved in with Kyle in a respectable downtown Dallas townhouse, began assisting her partner with Kyle Lewis Crane and Hoist and Lewis Equipment Hire on a crane yard in Grand Prairie, Texas.

At 20, Lisa become step-mother to Kyle’s 14-year-old Logan and settled into living in a new county. She learned what it was to be an immigrant where she displayed her Kiwi work ethic. The couple worked hard and elevated the businesses, which specialised in tower crane and hoist sales, rentals, erections and dismantles.

Behind every successful man, is a successful woman. Through hard work and initiative, they built up a substantial business at an age Lisa was before you can legally drink in the United States of America). Lisa drove their 40-foot motor home with Kyle to each crane yard across the different states in the USA showing her Kiwi can-do attitude.  Lisa also balanced part-time study studying Spanish and Photography part-time at Dallas Country Community College.

Having a father who was known for his outstanding workmanship as a boat builder and had an impeccable eye for detail, Lisa possessed similar qualities. With Kyle, Lisa re-wrote the “Lewis Manual Policy & Procedure Guide” for all the Lewis Crane & Hoist staff  in 2001. Lewis Crane & Hoist was at the time the second largest crane and construction company under Morrow, who was the exclusive North American Distributor of Liebherr in United States Of America. Lisa learned about construction and business in this era.

Kyle and Lisa Lewis were officially married on the 20th of July 2002 at Treetops Lodge in Rotorua, New Zealand. The entire Lodge was booked out for the wedding and Lisa was featured on the cover of NZ Bride & Groom for having the same material as Princess Diana on her wedding day. Their honeymoon was at Huka Lodge in Taupo and Lisa learned about the importance of tourism in New Zealand at this time and its economic benefits.

During the relationship, Lisa enjoyed NASCAR and Super Cross FMX events, had traveled to Cozumel Mexico (got her Diving Certification), visited Chicago, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Virginia (rode in the Harley Davidson annual Sturgis ride), assisted on business trips and the expanded crane yards in Houston Texas, Nevada and San Francisco. Lisa and her husband would travel back from USA to property they owned on Belle Terrace, Onetangi, Waiheke Island in New Zealand where Lisa assisted in managing the property back whilst they were in the states ensuring when they arrived back home in NZ the house was clean and stocked full of food. Lisa’s Organisation and Management skills maintained life to work with their chaotic schedules.

2003, for personal reasons the marriage was no longer viable; Lisa got on a plane with one suitcase and came back to New Zealand to start all over again.  Sadly, Lisa found out later that her husband who had been recovering from recent orthopaedic surgery passed away.

Back in New Zealand, Motherhood, Life until Present Day

Back in New Zealand, Lisa had a natural home-birth (no drugs to assist) in the 16-hour labour. This is a true statement showing Lisa’s strength and perseverance.

When her baby was only 10 months of age, – due to reasons doctors could only describe as “viral” after an immunisation, Lisa’s baby had a stroke caused by a viral blood clot to the brain causing immediate right-side paralysis. People of all ages and genders can suffer a stroke. In New Zealand, approximately 24 people have a stroke each day. Seventy five percent of strokes occur in people over 65 years of age, but a stroke can occur at any age. Lisa spent a month at Waikato Hospital with her baby under the care of paediatricians. Lisa’s child recovered with acute stroke therapy, occupational and speech therapy. Passive exercise also helps recover stroke paralysis. During this time Lisa realised the importance of health, medicine and saw the great work of Waikato Hospital staff.

2007, Lisa flew to Wellington and opposed a NZ Government Major Events Bill that would send pitch invaders to prison longer than child rapists. Lisa’s stance on this stood strong and prevailed.

Lisa briefly married again in 2012, but both parties ended and moved on from the marriage on mutual consent.

Lisa’s travels have taken her to Fiji, Samoa, Australia, Mexico, throughout many states in the USA and of course her favourite – New Zealand.

Lisa has three dogs Axel a German Shepherd aged 7, Lola a Chihuahua aged 9 and Bruno a Papillon Pomeranian Chihuahua aged 10 years old.  Lisa definitely loves all animals and pets and is passionate about showing her love for not only her dogs but others too.  In 2019, Lisa supported SPCA Cupcake Day and with the help of her East Ward Community raised $530 to donate to SPCA from selling cupcakes a local cafe assisted with!

Throughout Lisa’s life the media have only portrayed one side of her. The media’s fixation on one part of Lisa’s life has been a toxic obsession. There are many different elements to Lisa Lewis.

Currently (aged 38), Lisa has had life experiences, lessons and background many couldn’t fathom.  Lisa has dealt with each situation to the best of her ability (where in all honesty most circumstances many people could not deal with), – Lisa has shown strength, courage, perseverance and endured through the good, and the bad.

Being a Mayor requires one to be in the public spotlight.  Lisa believes in the protection of minors from media.  The media can be a harsh light to be in for those that don’t have the strength and/or background to mentally deal with those kinds of pressures. Lisa has taken all the glare from being years in public domain with a public profile – good energy and bad.  Some individuals cannot handle such strains of the public scrutiny that being well-known can bring, which being Mayor the burden on one’s emotional or mental well-being is something to consider in which Lisa succeeds as a candidate.

There is no skeletons or cobwebs in Lisa’s closet; It’s either on Google already or on this website.  Lisa has the ability and life experiences to be Mayor of Hamilton. Dealing with daily issues that arise in personal life and in business is very normal living for her.  Lisa Lewis does have the fighting power, drive, determination and dedication to not give up on this city. Hamilton is home for Lisa Lewis.

Most of us, see ‘change’ as the magical answer to everything in life. “I just need a change of scenery” or “a new home will make us happier” or “I feel stuck in my job. I know the answer: I should get a new job” or “a new relationship will make me feel whole again.”

Hamilton Mayoral Candidate Lisa Lewis

While some candidates may promise “change” you may get short-term happiness or excitement, Lisa is equipped to be Mayor for a serious long-term period with a committed relationship to Hamilton. And being the relentless fighter that everybody knows Lisa is, – Lisa Lewis will continue to stand as Mayor every three years.

Vote Lisa Lewis as Mayor of Hamilton at this local body elections in 2019 and again in 2022.


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