Big changes take many years and require each and every generation to embrace the obligations and problems of a city. 

I would like to see Hamilton City Council work for all of the people in Hamilton, – not just some.  This can happen if the right person who embraces all diverse cultures and life paths in Hamilton, is in the leadership role making decisions that shape our city to be a strong and united team. 

Hamilton needs someone that will fight on their behalf and not back down ensuring our families (and our families to come), have a city that works for them (not just for themselves), with leadership that is impartial and that we can trust.

Throughout my different paths that I have walked in my lifetime, – I have learned many life experiences that have made me into the person that I am today.

Education is important, but some people in life don’t get that opportunity with life’s commitments and obligations and what they learn in their life path is life drills that you can’t learn at school, in a manual, textbook or with a diploma.

I want to bring what I know to the table and serve Hamilton as Mayor working toward solutions at the lowest cost.

Committed to focusing on the issues that need to be addressed and not be distracted with spending money on matters or buildings that can wait whilst other areas of our city are left and ignored to collapse and struggle, I will ensure reducing rate rises is my number one priority as Mayor.

Work hard, provide, give 100% in my drive and development, be honest, show transparency and trust have been my guides as a mother and a self employed businesswoman.  I will be an influential leader who achieves effective results and steers Hamilton on the right path with results, solving important problems along the way.  I have a level of understanding and am empathetic in all situations. 

I won’t back down if I am passionate about something.  I am mentally strong and will be a resilient warrior for Hamilton.  Let’s make Hamilton a city we are proud of all over again!

I am thankful for the overwhelming support I have received from across Hamilton’ many diverse communities.  As a Mayor, I promise to bring our city together and represent the interests of ALL of Hamilton.

I hope you will join our grassroots campaign that is bringing Hamilton together like never before.  Get involved today!

Talk to you soon,

Lisa Lewis
Candidate for Mayor of Hamilton 2019.

The Countdown Is On…

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